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Important Information

Being a local multiplayer game, at least two players are neccesary to start the game. We highly recommend 4 players as it's a lot of fun. 

This is a game in Development, we want to make it free to test but it would mean the world to us if you could donate so we can finish it as you dream it!


In the year 2546 A.C. latter to be known as 0 A.S. (after singularity), the strong war between the 2 most powerful factions of the galaxy, led to the activation of a singularity phenomenon causing all the planets in the vicinity to be wiped of their technology, means of transportation and later, most of their population.

Now, it’s the year 38 A.S. and every faction on the galaxy is fighting for natural resources. Scavengers are common to find in almost every planet, from the hero wannabe looking for treasures to the official government envoy. Everyone is trying to get his faction up ahead in the fight.

Frontline Scavengers provides frenetic action in retro-styled battle royale quick matches for up to 4 players locally or online. Perfect for couch parties!
Control one character and explore the galaxy while trying to beat your friends out of the resources race!

In each round of fighting you can get resources and then use them to upgrade your character in the Scavenge Round. There are 5 types of upgrades with synergies between them to turn your character into a battle machine. Choose your battle style and take it to the end with legendary equipment!

  • Explore the universe and battle across exotic planets and spaceships.
  • Destructible terrain offers virtually infinite variety of action. Every match is
  • Up to 4 players frantic matches in both Online and Local Multiplayer.
  • Scavenge Round to upgrade your character into 5 different battle styles. 
  • 80 unique maps. 10 visually distinct worlds.
  • Collect a wide selection of weapons and upgrades.
  • Diverse cast of playable characters.
  • Own your opponents with braggradocious victory dances.
  • Discover easter eggs and hidden secrets.


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Looks pretty good

Thanks! It will be Amazing :D